I am committed to providing a quality service, and I believe it shows in the work I produce. My primary services are interior decorating, exterior painting and wallpapering.
Interior Decorating
  • I advise you on the best paint for the job - no smell, fast drying, extremely durable and non-yellowing.
  • Preparation, Preparation, Preparation - I use a virtually dust free sanding system and always tidy up at the end of the day.
Very methodical and fair. Helpful in choices regarding suitability of paint on variety of surfaces. Sympathetic to age/era of the house. Knowledgeable about most areas of decor. Excellent work ethic and trustworthy person. "Buy With Confidence" feedback
Exterior Painting
  • Thorough sanding, filling, washing, use of the best primers and adhesion coats and topcoats gives superb results. Quality is 80% preparation and 20% application.
  • I recommend water based paints - flexible, long lasting, non-yellowing, little or no odour, quick drying, environmentally friendly.
High quality painting of outside our house. Barry is an extremely careful worker and always checked if he needed to do anything outside of the quote. (No extra charges). "Buy With Confidence" feedback
  • No matter what paper you have selected, I will ensure it is hung with no split or lapped seams for a superb finish.
Barry is one of the most professional craftsmen I've ever dealt with. He is extremely good, very thorough and has a phenomenal attention to detail. He has done some very challenging jobs for me, and despite the difficulties the results were always great. A. Gevorkian